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Your daddy was a rich man, your daddys fucking dead! [entries|friends|calendar]

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Chicken In A biscuit [29 Sep 2004|12:35am]
[ mood | cold ]

Well well, been awhile since ive updated. The weekend went awesome. Spent the whole thing with Desiree so much shit happend. First we went to a play and saw Dracula. It was awesome and would have even been better if the rich yippie people hadnt been staring at us. Then after that we went back tot he dorm and hung out with Mario and Brian. Damn Brain was with us all weekend. It was cool though, he can get anonying. Like saturday night me and Desiree were so tired, and went to sleep around 12. We were like all naked and cuddling, and I told Brian NOT to bring home Zuke and Alli, because we wanted to sleep. Its not like its even his place but oh well. He showed up 2 hours later with Zuke and Alli. I was kind of pissed off at him because me and Dee were trying to sleep. But Mario got the hint and told everyone to get out. Which was awesome. Saturday we went shopping for pants and a Jacket. Me and Brian were in the changing room fucking around it was great, till i came out and saw Ashley talking to Dee. Then Ashley gave me the middle finger because she is a pyshco controlling male hatting lesbian. She liek told Dee she could get me kicked out of Goodwill, cuz she has worked there for like 2 weeks. Hahaha. For what? Being in the store, shopping, and saying Hello to her? Thats gay. Im sorry but last time I checked that wasnt illegal, I guess its a good thing this country isnt run by herion addicted male hatting lesbians, waiting to score there next fucking hit eh Ashley?....Or is it? Well after that bit of Drama we just hung out and ate pizza with Mario and Brian. We were all outside, and sme really piss drunk guy came outside and pissed all over the parking lot. It came like 1 foot from hitting me.

This Week has been hetic for me. I am putting way to much school shit off. I have an exam tomorrow, and I hardly studied for it. Nick, Andrew, and Me tried to do some studying tonite but I hope it was enough.

Anyways im off to bed....if mario would turn this fucking Thursday shit off. Man it sucks :P

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White Proud and Stupid?

If this country is so fucking free, then I can burn your fucking flag where I damn well please. [21 Sep 2004|11:36am]
[ mood | hungry ]

Ahh, listening to some Propagandhi. Well just took my first exam in college for my Music Class. Wasnt to bad, more work theni expected though. Fuck. I have no idea when im goign to eat because I have class again and Im starving. I just got off the phone with Dee. yay we are hanging out today. I was going to bring her to some anti bush meeting and make signs with mario, but we figured because of some of the company that would be there, it'd be to awkward on both of us. So ive been hearing some naughty roomers abut zuke and shane. haha. Shane got taken advantage of? Anyways I got my stupid ACE class to go to now. Mm. Maybe someone will be in the Union to eat lunch with me afterwards. I miss Desiree. I wish she went to school here. Its rad how Cory and Jessie both go to school here and Jessie basically sleeps in his room 24/7. I wish it could be like that we me and Dee. Anyways im just speaking senseless rubbish now. Off to class.

White Proud and Stupid?

i killed the queen. [20 Sep 2004|10:29pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Hey well this being my first livejournal entry ever im kind of nervous. Wait, haha I lie. Anyways, today was a lonnnggggggg day. I found out theres no more shows untill the Unseen/Global Threat show, so im kind of depressed. That leaves nothing to do except become a alcoholic this weekend. Bah. Today I spent the day with Desiree. First we hung out in my dorm, and Mike and Justin came over. It rocked cuz I dont hang out with those guys as much as I use to, and they told me there going to come to the next show with me. Rad...Then me and Dee went downtown so she could take pictures for her photography class...Ahh everytime we do this she ends up taking pictures of me...Not that I mind >:D. I helped her out with some of them, and came up with the slogan for her. "Nuke The Nazis." I orginally said she should use "Better Red Then Dead" but she didnt use it. I got her hoooked on Flogging Molly now, speaking of which I just got there new cd. It's not to bad. It's a wee bit more folk then punk but I actaully enjoyed it. After hanging out downtown we came back to my dorm, and hung out with Andrew. It was odd because he looked just like Alex from A Clockwork Orange tonite. haha I thought it was hott, but it freaked Desiree out. Then we just walked to my car stoping to make out every 3mins which was fucking awesome. I swear what could have been a 5min walk to my car turned into a 15min one. I found out my cousin was being arrested today for getting his 14 year old GF knocked up. Hah. Yeah he had it coming anyways. Well I just got home, and im trying to figure out what the hell im doing tomorrow. Mario is asleep already so I sapose ill attempt to read some of that homework and go to bed. Mmm, im sure Desiree is going to read this, being my first entry, so hey babe I love you. ANd Andrew is hitting on me right now on AIM. :( He said he thought about us while he masterbated. LOL! Yah. MMMMM. Hope your pics came out well.

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White Proud and Stupid?

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